Who can use the Surgicenter

"The Medical Staff shall be an open staff and support the mission of the Guam SurgiCenter providing competent, quality care in accordance with the rights of patients and their family members"

– excerpt from Article 1 of the Guam SurgiCenter Medical Staff Bylaws.

Membership qualifications

Applicants for Medical Staff membership shall be currently registered and legally licensed to practice in the Territory of Guam and have a current and valid Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) license.

Applicants shall demonstrate training and experience relevant to the clinical privileges requested and shall provide two letters of recommendation from persons who have had extensive experience in observing and working with the applicant and who can provide adequate references pertaining to the applicant's professional competence.

Applicants must maintain similar clinical privileges at a local Medicare-participating acute care facility. All physicians shall have admitting privileges at such hospital; or, those physicians, podiatrists or dentists who do not have admitting privileges must have a written agreement with a Medical Staff member that has staff privileges at one or more acute care general hospitals licensed by the state to accept any patient who requires continuing care. Anesthesiologists may not be required to have hospital privileges.

Applicants shall provide documentation of satisfactory physical and mental health.

Only applicants who are board certified, candidates for board certification in their individual specialty, or have completed residency training in their individual specialty shall be considered for Medical Staff membership.

Applicants shall sign a confidentiality statement and shall agree to abide by the policies of the Organization.


Physicians, podiatrists, dentists and oral surgeons who wish to perform procedures at Guam Surgicenter must first apply for privileges at the center by completing a credentials application. Each applicant's education, past and present clinical performance, and peer references are reviewed by the Quality Management Committee and the Governing Body. Qualified applicants are granted privileges, initially on a temporary basis (if requested) and ultimately on a long-term basis. Full clinical privileges must be renewed every two years.

Credentials applications are available on request by contacting Melissa Waibel at Guam Surgicenter at 671-646-3855